We are currently closed due to mandatory building construction. We look forward to seeing you all later this 2024!

Named after the storied Montreal Hot Dog shack Chez Ma Tante serves food that can only be described as European. Inspired by unassuming eateries that dot the continent–pubs, cafes, bistros and trattorias–Canadian born Aidan O’Neal and native New Yorker Jake Leiber serve dishes like chips with garlicky aioli, pig’s head terrine with sauce ravigote, kohlrabi and apple salad, and grilled pork shoulder with salsa verde and lentils.

Introduced by their respective mentors Hugue Dufour of M. Wells and Johnathan Waxman of Barbuto, the pair found common ground in the simple and delicious, delivering an experience that is focused on the enjoyment of food, drink and good company. The space features white-washed brick walls and an uncluttered bar. Cocktails are classic. The wine list is well-edited and focused on value, and the service is warm.

Monday to Sunday 5pm–10pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am–3pm

Monday to Friday 5pm–7pm
Saturday and Sunday 3pm–5pm


90 Calyer Street
Brooklyn New York